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And this is what business leaders, senior executives and management teams learn in our new one-day workshop.As well as creating a framework to deliver growth and profits, IBP helps businesses to survive and thrive in volatile, modern-day markets; Brexit is an obvious case in point.

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Integrated Business Planning ensures early focus on any potential gaps in business performance - it allows you to predict and respond positively to changing conditions, in plenty of time.

Companies have been achieving improved business performance for close to three decades by implementing and operating with an integrated business management process known as Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP).

Integrated Business Planning is industry's best practice model.

Led by senior management, it is a common sense process for aligning company plans every month, to help you to allocate critical resources - people, equipment, inventory, materials, time and money - to satisfy customers in the most profitable way.

Companies that do Integrated Business Planning well are more efficient, more effective, and make more money than those who don't.

Oliver Wight is the originator of sales and operations planning (S&OP) and pioneers of Integrated Business Planning. However, unlike S&OP, it brings a truly strategic perspective, integrating diverse processes - in the extended supply chain, product and customer portfolios, customer demand and strategic planning - into one seamless management process.If you have the ambition, it is possible to make improvements that truly transform the performance of your organization and create more fulfilling roles for the people within it.We believe this can only be delivered by your own people.Oliver Wight Principals also provide guidance using S&OP software tools to develop executive views of the business.Finally, we provide coaching and mentoring to ensure that the process continues to mature and continues to provide substantial financial and operational improvements to the company.A significant number of companies have led the evolution of S&OP from fundamental demand and supply balancing to an integrated strategic deployment and management process.This evolving process is known as Integrated Business Planning (IBP).If you’d like to join them, this new Seventh Editionis an essential element to help you get there.Learn more about us › When you talk to Oliver Wight about improving your business,we'll assume you want results, not just better processes - thingslike increased revenues and margins and greater market share Learn more about us › When you talk to Oliver Wight about improving your business, we’ll assume you want results, not just better processes - things like increased revenues and margins and greater market share.Oliver Wight pioneered Sales and Operations Planning in the 1980s and continues to play the role of thought leader in helping companies to transition to Integrated Business Planning.We know what it takes to operate an Integrated Business Planning process as the way to run and manage a business.


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