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would use the same title, and add the date of 1751 (10th tome, pp. The translator strove to leave Diderot's style untouched, which meant keeping his punctuation as was, unless his thoughts became unclear.On this point, see George Roth, Christian Wolf or Wolff was born in Breslau in 1670, and dies in The Hague in 1754.A quick background check on "pretty" will indicate that this word is very, very old (like medieval old) and has taken some drastic pivots and dips since its inception.

Interestingly, though, “pretty” totally disappears from written recordings for a few hundred years—it skips the whole Middle English period; Chaucer, for example, never uses it—but it surfaces again in the 15th century, now with the more positive meaning of “clever” or “skillful.” It’s not infrequent for a word to disappear from a language then come back again: With “pretty,” Russian linguist Anatoly Liberman theorizes that it may have re-emerged when it did thanks to the thousands of people who were traveling back and forth between England and Germany at the time—the Germans may have reminded English speakers of that old word “praettig” and inspired them to bring it back.

From the 1400s onward, “pretty” acquired more and more definitions, soon coming to mean “elegantly made or done” (like a pretty speech).

Hutcheson's theory of aesthetics was set along similar lines to his ethics, e.g.

beauty was not a property of the object but arises from an innate "aesthetic sense." Yves Marie, also known as Father André was a Jesuit and philosopher (1675-1764).

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That beautiful flower in that vase has not spoken a word tonight; it will never speak a word, but, nevertheless, through its beauty and magnificent silence it is lifting up, and making more Christlike every human being in this room. Washington Beauty is a characteristic of a person, place, object or idea that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure, meaning or satisfaction.

To a lot of us, it feels reductive or belittling, yet because we’ve been taught that it’s a The good news is that language never stops evolving, never will, and scholars agree that young women—the very women society wants to be “pretty”—often lead the charge of linguistic change.

Whether it’s because young women are more willing to use language creatively or because they’re more likely to see language (as opposed to brute force) as a tool to gain societal power, they are usually at the forefront of new verbal trends.

Type the word “pretty” into’s search bar and you’ll discover a long list of entries defining every nuanced form of the word, from its use as an adjective to describe a thing (a pretty necklace), a concept (a pretty mess, a pretty penny), or a person (a pretty girl) to its turn as an adverb to quantify something (pretty stupid, pretty ugly).

The entry regarding human attractiveness reads as follows: Clearly, lexicographers can tell that “pretty” is a loaded term, and when used in the context above, it’s something that many American women both desperately want to be but also resent in the very same breath.


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