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The House of Representatives is made up of 435 representatives, who must be elected every two years.

The Supreme Court is the branch of the government that interprets the laws of the USA.

The west was viewed as a land full of opportunity and new experiences for Americans.

The victory over the British in the War of 1812 established the independence of America. The nation's population increased at a steady rate causing the so-called "restless" Americans who didn't want to live in the overpopulated, dirty, unsanitary cities in the north to move westward.

These states all struggled in the years following the American Civil War, which lasted from 1860-1865.

The Midwest is home to the country”s agricultural base and is called the ‘nation”s breadbasket”.The population is diverse with people from all over the world seeking refuge and a better way of life.The country is divided into six regions – New England, the mid-Atlantic, the South, the Midwest, the Southwest and the West.It is the highest court in the country and made up of nine justices, who are each picked by the president and must be approved by Congress.Advances in the past hundred years have established America as a world leader economically, militarily and technologically.The West is diverse, ranging from endless wilderness to barren desert, coral reefs to Arctic tundra, Hollywood to Yellowstone National Park.The states of the West include Alaska, Colorado, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.The largest carnivores are black bears, grizzlies and even polar bears, which live in the northernmost state of Alaska.The United States works to look after its wildlife, with nearly 400 areas protected and maintained by the National Park Service, and many other parks in each state.Along the northern border is Canada, and along the southern border is Mexico. More than twice the size of the European Union, the United States has high mountains in the West and a vast, central plain.The lowest point in the country is in Death Valley, which sits 86m sea level, and the highest peak is Mount Mc Kinley, standing a whopping 6,198m tall.


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