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Certain amino acids — such as citrulline and ornithine, which are intermediates in urea biosynthesis — are important intermediaries in various pathways involving nitrogenous metabolism.Although other amino acids are important in several pathways, S-adenosylmethionine acts as a universal methylating agent.

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What follows is a discussion of amino acids, their biosynthesis, and the The way amino acids are synthesized has changed during the history of Earth.

The Hadean eon represents the time from which Earth first formed.

The subsequent Archean eon (approximately 3,500 million years ago) is known as the age of bacteria and archaea.

The Proterozoic eon was the gathering up of oxygen in Earth's atmosphere, and the Phanerozoic eon coincides with the major diversification of animals, plants, and fungi.

To date, scientists have discovered more than five hundred amino acids in nature, but only twenty-two participate in translation.

In 1943, Gordon, Martin, and Synge used partition chromatography to separate and study constituents of proteins (Gordon, Martin, & Synge 1943), a major breakthrough that contributed to the rapid identification of the twenty amino acids used in proteins by all living organisms.

After this initial burst of discovery, two additional amino acids, which are not used by all organisms, were added to the list: selenocysteine (Bock 2000) and pyrrolysine (Srinivasan et al. Aside from their role in composing proteins, amino acids have many biologically important functions.

They are also energy metabolites, and many of them are essential nutrients.

This bond is extremely difficult to break because the three chemical bonds need to be separated and bonded to different compounds.

Nitrogenase is the only family of enzymes capable of breaking this bond (i.e., it carries out nitrogen fixation).


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