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For those of you who don't read the advanced text PDF file, the problem that occurs with stiff paper is that the wings won't curve due to the difference in air pressure on the top and bottom of the wing.Most paper gliders have wings that produce more then enough lift to compensate for the heavier weight as long as we maintain a good speed. This usually leaves us to compromise at a paper that is 24 lb weight.You can search out the details of why paper is labeled under the weight values you see on the package but I am going to just present a table at the bottom of this page that show the weight values and equivalent thicknesses.Paper is the most critical part of the paper aircraft. This may sound so obvious that it becomes ridiculous.However, there are several properties that can vary between different types and brands of paper.Things get a little more confusing when it comes to paper or poster board to make glue up style gliders.These airplanes are a lot of fun but the weight can throw in some variables.These two papers are very similar in thickness and weight.The difference is that the 65lb stock is cover stock and the 110lb is index stock, both of which are sold as card stock.My favorite airplane paper was "e Xtreme colors" from Ampad and sold at Wal-Mart.Unfortunately, this paper has been replaced by "Embassy Colored Paper" from Ampad.


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