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Your primary objective in writing your MBA application essays is to provide evidence that proves you possess the qualities that admissions committees value most.Doing so will bring you one step closer to earning an acceptance letter.In the next article in MBA Prep School’s Essay Writing Bootcamp series, we share a step-by-step process for choosing your most powerful topics and stories.

That’s why leadership tops our list of the qualities that MBA programs value most.It also means seeing the world in your own unique way and having the ability to design and develop something that hasn’t existed before.Being community-minded means that you devote energy to serving your communities and strengthening them.Most MBA candidates realize that convincing the admissions office that they are leaders is of the utmost importance. Too many applicants end up devoting most of their essay word count—and application real estate as a whole—to sharing individual achievements rather than leadership accomplishments.In fact, it can sometimes be tricky to distinguish between an individual accomplishment story and a leadership story.Your community service accomplishments provide admissions officers with an important signal that you are a giver, not a taker.Remember, business schools are looking for students who will contribute just as much as they take away.While reading the following definitions of the qualities we listed, start to consider which ones you can best exemplify in your application materials.Later, you will want to be certain of your shortlist of qualities, so that you can evaluate the drafts you’ve written and your MBA application as a whole in order to ask yourself whether or not you have managed to highlight the qualities you decided to feature in your application strategy.In many ways, the entire MBA application process is a massive test of your self-knowledge.To succeed, you need to understand yourself and communicate what you are about to a third party (i.e., the admissions officers).


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