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So, as a way to achieve life success, financially planning is important to everyone, especially to college graduates who are about to live financially independently from parents for the very first time, facing historically high costs of living in most cities and limited funds to live on as a green hand in a career.But what is usually the case is that we college graduates are often determined to achieve our dreams of a big house or a nice car, but usually have no idea of what means of getting there. (1991), some students were not interested in financial planning simply because they didn’t have a complete or correct knowledge of the purpose of professional financial planning [1] .Your goals will tell you how you should manage your finances so that when you wish to meet your goals you have enough funds with you.

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Received 25 July 2016; accepted 28 August 2016; published 31 August 2016 1.

Introduction Financial planning is a skill most people are forced to acquire at some point in their lives because finance is a vital part in our lives.

For example, central bankers and finance authorities raise or lower interest rates on savings, deposits and loans that affect us in one way or another.

Sellers increase prices and wage earners ask for a raise. All of these involve making financial decisions and planning.

We make use of finance in a manner that almost borders on instinct, making everyday purchase decisions without much thought.

Finance impacts our lives without letting us know its details.

With these as background, the following essay will provide insightful information that college graduates want to and need to know in order to be financially successful.

The goal of this essay is to point out the importance of financial planning for college graduates who are about to make vital financial decisions and to outline some essential aspects about personal financial planning for college graduates. Steps of Personal Financial Planning for College Graduates A starting point is determining one’s personal financial goals in a realistic manner in order to set the plan.


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