Persuasive Essay Lesson Appeal

In this video, you'll learn about logical, ethical, and emotional appeals as well as how to use them.

Student responses may look something like this: Ask students to share examples of times they have seen or heard propaganda and how it affected them.

Would knowledge of the practice of propaganda have changed the effectiveness of the message?

Some major forms are: You will want to review and discuss each type of propaganda as a class.

You may want to gather video clips of a variety of propaganda techniques, or find a series of ads in familiar magazines that demonstrate them.

The term propaganda may make you think of evil empires or the “red scare” of the 40s and 50s, but we are surrounded by propaganda of a different kind.

The elements of propaganda are used, often very effectively, in commercials and advertisements.

Brainstorm reasons that leaders, organizations, and companies employ propaganda.

Introduce the various forms of persuasive communication referred to as propaganda.

You should watch this video because I'm an experienced English instructor, so I have good ideas about what you need to do to prepare for essay exams. The main reason that you should watch this video is to learn about these different types of appeals in persuasive writing, as well as how and why you should make use of them to do well on the essays you write.

You should watch this video because doing well on exams can mean doing well in college, and succeeding in college can help you achieve all of your personal goals. In writing, an appeal is a persuasive strategy that a writer uses to support an argument.


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