Persuasive Speech About Abortion In The Philippines

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Did you know that there are about 3,700 abortions a day in the US?

So approximately 1.3 million unpunished and LEGAL killings are occurring every year. Abortion is wrong and I am going to tell you why you shouldn’t get one or support them.

Most doctors will not perform an abortion after this point anyway, and an overwhelming majority of abortions happen well before this stage.

As the foetus is simply a clump of cells until this point, why does it deserve any more right to life than any other unwanted clump of cells, like a tumour?

Any feedback is welcome and i'm generally stuck in the middle with my opinion on this matter, but for this speech i'm pro-life. or the mother was in a really bad situation themselves?

If there are any way you think I can improve this i.e more emotive words etc. If you care about life so much, you must kick yourself every second of the day when your body is killing millions of bacteria. would it then be right for that child to be brought up through this?A lot of people think it doesn't deserve rights (like a person) until some later stage.But if the embryo (which is human by DNA regardless of having only approx 70 cells) isn't given rights from conception then where does it gain rights not to be murdered?Certainly, adoption is a wonderful thing, allowing many people who would otherwise be unable to have children to become parents. But without being too coy, supply outpaces demand, resulting in a surplus of stock. There are indeed many medical complications associated with abortion. This site lists but a few of these: a related note, many women who are denied an abortion suffer mental health problems as a result.This paper demonstates how many new mothers (after birth) become victims of suicide. It is actually a good and emotive speech already, but it might be worth a quick redraft to attempt to counter some of the arguments above. sorry but this is the worst speech i've ever heard, it starts of with the logical fallacy that a foetus is a human and that the action is killing which itself is a matter of debate; not going to comment on the rest as everything that follows; doesn't follow at all.Adoption, the after effects and the simple fact that it’s murder are all reasons why you shouldn’t go through with an abortion.I think that abortion is morally wrong and a highly debated topic in which there is a crystal clear answer. The mother will be able to pursue her goals before she was pregnant and not have the burden of a child before she is ready and at the same time, bring tremendous joy to the adoptive parents.Go harder with the figures, change '40-60' for 'as many as 60'/equivalent. Perhaps replace 'Abortion is just that' with a question linking abortion to the definitions you've just given. Edit: quickly, before I get negged, this is help for writing a speech, not my opinion I don't think that's necessarily true - especially in this case.If I claim X as being true and X is, in fact, not true or is contentious, then I've committed a conversational fallacy - I've asserted something which I have no business asserting, as what I've asserted, namely that X, may not be true.Because, let's face it, a 1 month-2 month old fetus has the same consciousness and awareness and feelings as a bacteria. If someone was to heckle your speech which hopefully they won't out of respect if nothing else you're screwed. I recognise the fact that you're arguing for something that you've said you're stuck in the middle on, and I respect you for that.Saying something is alive doesn't mean it's a fully conscious human being. May you could try and change the speech slightly so your not as open to someone more Liberal shouting out and discrediting your entire argument with a few well chosen words. I'm very pro-choice, personally, so here's some arguments for you to consider countering in your speech: Many people (including myself) don't consider a foetus as an organism in it's own right until it is capable of surviving outside of the womb- a stage called viability.


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