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as a leading forum for publishing the best evidence-based pharmacy practice, perspectives on the future of the science of pharmacy, and review articles on our state of knowledge about particular therapeutic areas and latest advancements in drug development and medical interventions.

This article by Matthew Aiello (Health Education England) describes this pilot in more detail and outlines how these programmes contribute to the understanding and adoption of pharmacist advanced clinical training, with reference to Health Education England’s plan for pharmacists and their future roles.

Do you agree that enhanced clinical development pathways for pharmacists should be developed?

In this article, Alyn Morice (Hull York Medical School, University of Hull, UK), calls for the removal of the ‘wet’ or ‘dry’ classification for acute cough and proposes a new proposed treatment pathway for cough, based on a recent European evidence-based review.

Does this new treatment model hold promise for making the assessment of cough easier and evidence-based?

The section as a whole has attracted over 115,000 page views; the top five most read articles are: Cough is the most common symptom for which people seek medical advice, and patients with cough frequently present to community pharmacy.

However, many of the therapies available over the counter are currently recommended based on custom and traditional practice, which is not supported by clinical studies of sufficient quality to meet the standards of modern evidence-based medicine.

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