Photsynthesis Process

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You will also notice that this equation shows water on both sides.That is because 12 water molecules are split during the light reactions, while 6 new molecules are produced during and after the Calvin cycle.Two of these molecules combined equals one glucose molecule, the product seen in the photosynthesis equation.

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Some of these molecules can be used in other metabolic pathways, and are exported.

The rest remain to continue cycling through the Calvin cycle.

This is done using light and the process is called photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis is the process by which plants make their own food.

While this is the general equation for the entire process, there are many individual reactions which contribute to this pathway. These photosystems were named in the order of which they were discovered, which is opposite of how electrons flow through them.

As seen in the image below, electrons excited by light energy flow first through , which uses the build-up of hydrogen atoms to drive the addition of phosphate groups to ADP. A photosystem is comprised of various proteins that surround and connect a series of is the main pigment used in these systems, and collects the final energy transfer before releasing an electron.Why are the products of photosynthesis important to non-photosynthetic organisms? Besides strange sulfur bacteria and other minor groups of primary producers, the majority of the stored chemical energy that animals rely on comes directly from photosynthesis. Water molecules are then split, and the various components are used to generate chemical energy.Further, as water pushes into the cells, the cell walls push together to give the plant support and structure.However, the citric acid cycle creates ATP other electron carriers from 3-carbon molecules, while the Calvin cycle produces these products with the use of NADPH and ATP.The cycle has 3 phases, as seen in the graphic below.During the first phase, a carbon is added to a 5-carbon sugar, creating an unstable 6-carbon sugar.In phase two, this sugar is reduced into two stable 3-carbon sugar molecules.We will add more details to this definition after making a few things clear as you will see below.To make food, plants need not just one but all of the following: The photosynthesis process takes place in the leaves of plants. Inside these cells are tiny structures called chloroplasts.A structural form worth note is , and extremely strong fibrous material made essentially of strings of glucose.Besides sugars and sugar-based molecules, oxygen is the other main product of photosynthesis.


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