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He also assumes that both races have to like the other race in order for social equality, and the accepting of each other.But if one doesn’t like another they never have to be around them.

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Then a group of black citizens wanted to challenge the act, they chose Homer Plessy to buy a 1st class ticket, and ride in a white only car.

He was purposefully caught, and went to judge Ferguson with his case.

In Henry Brown’s majority opinion he states that political equality has been met, but social equality will never be met.

Yet that is untrue, because social equality has been met today, and it seems to be working just fine.

The political rights of both races have already been met.

“…The argument also assumes that social prejudices may be overcome by legislation, and that equal rights can’t be secured to the Negro except by an enforced commingling of the races.Boyce 1 On June 7, 1892 Homer Pessy was arrested due to his, and a group of black citizens want to test the constitutionality of the “Separate Car Act”.His argument was that it went against the 14th amendment, in the case “Plessy v. The 14th amendment makes every one born or naturalized in the US a citizen of the US.Wouldn’t one think that the Boyce 4 creation the “Separate Car Act” was the state making a law that abridges the privileges of citizens of the US.And wouldn’t one think that the arrest of Homer Plessy was the enforcing of a law which abridges the privileges of US citizens.But a law that makes citizens of one state inferior to citizens in the rest of the US is also against the 14th amendment.So wouldn’t a law that enforces the inferiority of someone be against the 14th amendment.The black citizens, East Louisiana Railroad Company, Homer Plessy, Albion Tourgee, and John Harlan worked together to over rule the law.John Ferguson and Henry Brown worked together to try and save the Louisiana law.There were was a very little amount of people directly involved in the case, but every one in the south was greatly affected by it. “…If the civil and Boyce 3 political rights of both races are equal one cannot be inferior civilly or politically…” ( civil and political rights of both races have technically been met if a white man cannot enter a colored passenger car either, and if the cars are equal.


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