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Her writing reflects these roots, where black vernacular was prominent and the stamp of slavery and oppression were still present.When she was eight, Walker was accidentally shot in the eye by a brother playing with his BB gun.

This statue of Jesus shows that refugee's mother and children have a unique relationship of intimacy and love.

Other parents and children have not experienced it.

"More than ten million copies of her books are in print." Walker has become a focal spokesperson and symbol for black feminism and has earned critical and popular acclaim as a major American novelist and intellectual.

Her literary reputation was secured with her Pulitzer Prize-winning third novel, is an American novel of permanent importance, that rare sort of book which (in Norman Mailer's felicitous phrase) amounts to 'a diversion in the fields of dread.'" Jeanne Fox-Alston and Mel Watkins both found the appeal of while easily satisfying that claim, brings into sharper focus many of the diverse themes that threaded their way through her past work." Walker was born in Eatonton, Georgia, a southern town where most African Americans toiled at the difficult job of tenant farming.

This handicap eventually aided her writer's voice, because she withdrew from others and became a meticulous observer of human relationships and interaction.

An excellent student, Walker was awarded a scholarship to Spelman College in 1961.

Sexuality is at the heart of the story, though the father reacts violently upon discovering that his daughter has become involved with a Mundo boy.

This reaction has repercussions throughout the novel.

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Between mothers and children of refugees, the nature of relationships depicted between mothers and children is very gentle and unique.


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