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They are separate and independent organizations, which are responsible for and manage their own activities and affairs.The University does not direct, supervise, or control these organizations and is not responsible for the organizations' contracts, acts, or omissions.

Some prerequisites are defined in terms of coursework and others are defined in terms of competencies.

Courses taken to fulfill prerequisites are expected to be those courses designated for undergraduate science majors.

Programs vary on whether they accept Advanced Placement (AP) credit as completion of a prerequisite requirement.

Provided you earn a C or better in your dual enrollment coursework, you can receive credit for the purpose of health professional program admission requirements.

Examples (in semesters): 2 general 2 organic, or 2 general 1 organic 1 biochemistry, or 1 general 2 organic 1 biochemistry Physics: A semester of physics coursework.

Any course offered by the physics department for science majors is acceptable.

Chemistry: Two years of chemistry coursework that includes at least one semester course in general chemistry and one semester course in organic chemistry.

A semester course in biochemistry is highly recommended and may count towards the two year total.

Biology: Full year of introductory or advanced biology coursework.

Any courses offered by the biology department for science majors are acceptable.


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