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This creates the perception that the road to recovery will not be easy.He wanted his audience to realize that repairing the damage he inherited from the country’s past leadership will not be an easy task.In addition, it points that more change is yet to come during Obama’s presidency.

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It seems that the plain and musical language of the speech was drawn heavily from the life of the past inspirational speakers.

In the speech, Obama routinely repeats the slogan “yes we can” (Davidson, 68).

“It’s the answer spoken by young and old, rich and poor… The use of “answer” again here indicates that he is ready to solve the problems that have been affecting the U. in the new century and echoes the theme of change (Brill, 38).

Subsequently, Obama uses “answer” again in the next two paragraphs so as to drive the point home that momentous change has arrived in America.

In the third paragraph, he recognized that America is a diverse country having people from different backgrounds by saying “It’s the answer spoken …

Americans who sent a message to the world that we have never been a collection of Red States and Blue States: we are, and always will be, the United States of America”(para. In order to achieve a warm reception, Obama cleverly used the second person in addressing his audience, “It belongs to you…it cannot happen without you…your victory…During the acceptance speech, Obama made numerous references within the text of gifted speakers in the American history, for example, Martin Luther King, as mentioned above. Our climb will be steep…I have never been more hopeful than I am tonight that we will get there.I promise you – we as a people will get there” (Obama, para.13).In the mind of the people, the use of the second person is intended to enable them feel a sense of belonging.Therefore, as their presence is acknowledged, they are able to feel appreciated and part of the change that was to come to America.On November 4, 2008, President Barrack Obama delivered The Election Night Victory Speech at Grant Park, Illinois.During this keynote acceptance speech, he emphasized that the American dream was not on its deathbed because “change has come to America.” His passionate speech, employing rhetoric that soars and excites, instigated the people of America to restore their confidence in the nation and strive to fulfill their personal dreams and yet still form part of the larger American family.Senator Mc Cain fought long and hard in this campaign, and he’s fought even longer and harder for the country he loves” (para.6).Through this, he demonstrated magnanimity in victory, appreciated the defeated and he did not ignore or trampled upon them; therefore, this indicates that he is a good leader.In the speech, Obama gives thanks to various people who assisted him to ascend to presidency.He started by praising the defeated, “A little bit earlier this evening I just received a very gracious call from Senator Mc Cain.


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