Princeton University Essays In International Finance

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We’ve updated our handy dandy supplemental essay guide with prompt breakdowns for MIT, Princeton University, and USC.

But before you familiarize yourself with our prompt breakdowns, you should get a little more acquainted with the schools you’re considering dedicating your life to for the next four years!

Given all this, it’s not too difficult to understand why top seniors across the nation are interested in the elite Ivy school. The challenge of this short essay prompt lies in the brevity of its expected answer—you need to craft a compelling response with very little wiggle room.

Since over 30,000 of the nation’s most talented apply each year (with that number increasing annually), applicants need to ace Princeton’s supplement essays. Additionally, when choosing which extracurricular activity to write about, you should strive to strike the perfect balance between “unique” and “meaningful to you.” If your topic is incredibly unique but you don’t care about it, you might paint an inaccurate portrait of who you are.

Mansfield (eds.), The United States Balance of Payments in l968, A Compendium of Statements by Bankers, Economists, and Others to the Joint Economic Committee on the Brookings Institution Report (Washington: August l963).

The Role of the Export-Import Bank and Export Controls in U. International Economic Policy, Hearings before the Subcommittee on International Finance of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs (Washington: April l974). Quota in the International Monetary Fund and Related Matters, Hearings before the Subcommittee on International Trade, Investment and Monetary Policy of the House Committee on Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs (Washington: April l983)., Paper No.

For example, a student who answers that their favorite source of inspiration is “Mark Zuckerberg” will seem quite different from a student who answers “Mother Nature.” The prescription, therefore, is to think about what kind of a picture you want to paint to the adcoms, and answer accordingly.

Warning: although certainly all answers have merit, some are suboptimal strategy-wise.

This part of the application almost always makes some of our clients nervous, since it is so open ended.

So long as you don’t write anything offensive or morally questionable, rest assured your answers here cannot derail your entire application.


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