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pays for the binding of this copy but not the printing within. Graphic Services can access files on the (UWO) repository Supply Graphic Services with a PDF file of your approved thesis, printed hard copy or you can print all your own copies and bring them to Graphic Services for binding.

If the thesis is less than ¼ inch thick, the spine title is limited to 45 characters.

You need to calculate the cost for printing and binding your thesis first.

Please go to our easy online calculator to calculate.

prices in Bloomsbury, we still offer student discount on top!

– To qualify for our student discount, you must have a student central card available from the reception desk at student central or online here!If you're really under the cosh we can arrange delivery direct to your department head or straight to your door.You can email us your masterpiece or drop in a USB stick.And if you have already printed your dissertation or thesis we can still bind it for you.Simply fill in our enquiry form and we'll get back to you FAST!The majority of our stores offer a binding services for binding of essays, dissertations, reports, booklets etc.It's a fantastic way to create a professional and finished look to any document.Pouches are available in black or white with a clear front cover. For a more professional and finished overall look wire binding is the one to go for.Pages can be added and removed but the whole charge for the binding will be charged again for this as the metal wire is destroyed when unbinding A more professional finish ideal for essays, reports & dissertations. Maximum number of pages is 280 (based on 80gsm), 248 (based on 90gsm) and 224 (based on 100gsm).Please note: Our student discount applies to everything except thesis binding.If you are getting your dissertation printed and bound (spiral binding “Comb”) we would recommend giving yourself as much time as possible, although printing and binding only takes 15minutes for an undergraduate dissertation we do expect on deadline days we will have queues!


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