Pro Immigration Argumentative Essay

Pro Immigration Argumentative Essay-54
This is given that it is not possible to execute a door to door campaign to arrest all illegal immigrants.This means that the authority’s opposition to their existence does not negate the fact that they still live among the Native Americans.An illegal immigrant or an alien can bee conceptualized as that individual who enters and stays in a foreign country illegally.

This is given that it is not possible to execute a door to door campaign to arrest all illegal immigrants.

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It is estimated that about 11 million individuals were living illegally in the United States of America in the year 2008 (Riley 2).

Majority of these are from neighboring countries such as Mexico and other war torn countries around the world.

It is only fair to legalize their existence, given that the only crime that they committed is trying to make their lives and those of their families better. Deportation or arresting of illegal immigrants can be counter-productive, a fact that those against amnesty ignore or are not aware of.

There are those immigrants who come here and start families.

Studies have indicated that, if America was to grant the more than 12 million undocumented workers a legal status, the economy will benefit.

More jobs for the native American will be created, as well as improved wages for the same (Ellsworth 5: Riley 5).

However, these critics are forgetting the fact that these people risked more than their lives when coming here.

They risked separation from families and ostracisation and rejection in their new country.

Successive governments have made efforts to deal with menace.

Some of the strategies used are to grant amnesty to the illegal immigrants, a move that has attracted a lot of controversy especially from conservative members of the society.


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