Problem Solution Essay On Global Warming Problems

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Climate change - As a result of global warming, the average temperature is rising.

This results in an increased number of extreme weather conditions.

Arctic and Antarctic ice is melting, leading to rising sea levels.

The frequency and strength of storms is increasing, leaving destruction in their wake.

Most of them produce carbon dioxide, especially those that use some form of heat and produce smoke.

In addition, energy production also leads to carbon dioxide emissions.They make the atmosphere thicker and trap the temperature.The temperature is rising, which is defined as global warming.That means our food security, health and quality of life are all under threat.It’s the use of fossil fuels – coal, oil and gas – that’s the main problem.And closer to home, catastrophic floods have turned lives upside-down in Yorkshire, Somerset and Cumbria.In drier, hotter conditions, wildfires rage out of control, reducing mighty forests to ash.The oceans are warming and the water is becoming more acidic, causing mass coral die-offs and the loss of breeding grounds for sea creatures.Delicate ecosystems that are home to insects, plants and animals struggle to adapt quickly enough to the changing climate, putting one million species at risk of extinction.Effects Global warming affects the entire planet and causes many serious problems that are extremely difficult to solve.Even if we stop all CO2 emissions today, it would not stop global warming and its dangerous effects instantly.


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