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The game comes with a variety of maps recreating major cities, with more maps unlocked as you progress.Brave the life-draining halls, traps and hazards in order to deliver the mail in Warlock's Tower (Android, i OS), a retro-styled puzzle game that works with a really simple rule to build fiendishly complex puzzles: One move equals one life.

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Carve out your own underground railway empire with Mini Metro (Android, i OS), a sleek mobile puzzle that has you managing your own underground rail lines.

Players start out with a limited number of lines and trains and must connect stations together to efficiently move passengers.

Players need to carefully cultivate a growing plant, deftly pruning stray branches and taking advantage of the environment and obstacles.

If everything works out well your plant gets enough light, then you're rewarded with an elegant bonsai tree with fresh blossoms swaying in the wind.

Anyone can hurl expletives, but it takes true skill to throw a well honed insult. The cartoon style and situations draw heavily from the surreal British humor of Monty Python's Flying Circus, and players can trade insults against the AI, engage in pass-and-play word wars or go head to head against other players online.

Concrete Jungle (Android, i OS) combines tile-laying and deckbuilding mechanics to simulate the challenges of urban planning.Does Not Commute (Android, i OS) is a clever little action puzzle game about reckless drivers and time travel.Levels start out simple, with players having to drive cars from point A to B, but with each car added, you are challenged to carefully avoid every previous car you've played, quickly amping up complexity while rewarding quick reflexes and careful planning.The game's environmental puzzles include a crafting element, as you pick up and combine objects to create new items that you use to overcome obstacles.Players must survive 15 years (levels) of procedurally-generated puzzle mazes, so no two games are ever the same. : Insult Simulator (Android, i OS), players take turns drafting from a limited selection of words to create the nastiest barbs they can come up with.The game's stark, minimalist aesthetic is joy to behold, and the game has a screen capture function built in, allowing you to save particularly elegant or strange blooms to your camera roll.A Good Snowman is Hard to Build (Android, i OS) is a charming puzzle game that casts you in the role of a monster in a hedge maze building snowmen to keep him company.The Room 3 (Android, i OS) builds on the success of its previous installments, providing gamers with a series of challenging puzzles and satisfyingly tactile controls.Players must unravel a series of increasingly complex puzzles as they seek to unearth the secrets of The Null and the mysterious Craftsman.The game’s hallmark is its use of touch screen controls, with swipes, taps, and gestures intuitively manipulating puzzle elements, giving the game a very natural, immersive feel.New additions to the series include a 'hub' area called Grey Holm with a series of ongoing puzzles, as well as a branching ending that depends on how well you solve the game's mysteries.


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