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For many years, since Positive Discipline in the Classroom was first published, many teachers have used and loved having the Wheel of Choice in their classrooms—without lesson plans.After all, don’t all students know how to do something as simple as count to 10 to calm down, or to share and take turns?You can rest easy your child will come to consider Kelso a trusted friend…

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However, I thought instead of teaching these lessons to my kids with a wheel, I wanted to teach these lessons as though they were tools for their "tool box".

So I bought a set of "tool" stickers and made them their own tool box to help them understand that they can always go to their tool box for the help they need with these situations.

Kelso has nine choices to solve “small problems.” These are illustrated in the Kelso’s Choice Wheel.

They include: When a child comes to you to solve their “small problem,” tell them to try one to two of Kelso’s Choices first. Make sure your kids know to ask an adult for help in the event of a “BIG problem.” K.

The program includes: 14 lesson plans to teach children the skills for using the Wheel of Choice.

A colorful wheel of choice that can be blown up as a large poster for homes and classrooms.Their students gained a deeper understanding of the choices.The Wheel of Choice has caught on in homes, as well.We suggest you find creative ways to teach these lessons over and over.Consider some of the following: We hope you and your children enjoy participating in these lessons and the greater peace you will experience in your homes and classrooms due to valuable social and life skills learned and practiced on the daily basis through the Wheel of Choice I love the concept of teaching children these strategies.The effectiveness will be increased at home when parents take time to teach the skills necessary for using the Wheel of Choice.This is just one way that parents and teachers can work together to teach problem-skills.There are also “SERIOUS problems” that need to be taken to an adult.There are eight choices to solve “minor problems.” The choice “share and take turns” has been removed since, typically, at grades 4-5 this skill has been developed.All of the choices on the Wheel of Choice are life skills that will serve children for the rest of their lives to help them improve and enjoy their relationships with others.They are worth learning at a deeper level and practicing on a daily basis.


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