Procedural Essay

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Certain forms of behavior are prohibited and penalties are imposed to those engaging in the barred conduct.

The branch of law illegalizing those conducts is referred to as criminal law.

Law is established in contrast as a formal method of social control.

Law is then said to be a set of rules that is prescribed and implemented by government to regulate and protect the society.

However, there are some differences to keep in mind as you prepare to write. Usually you write a research paper, for example, to learn more about your selected topic; however, you write essay exams to demonstrate your knowledge.

You are not only conveying information, but also proving to your audience--the examiner--that you have mastered the information and can work with it.Determine how many minutes you can devote to each answer.You will want to devote most of your time to the questions that are worth the most points, perhaps answering those questions first. outline: What are the main points and essential details? trace: What is the sequence of ideas or order of events? Jot down the main points you intend to make as you think through your answer.Every society is faced by a fundamental problem of achieving social control that protects people’s lives and properties as well as establishing desirable levels of order, accord, security and courtesy in the society.Societies, therefore, have developed informal methods of attaining this control where family structures, norms and religious precepts are included.The prompt may use one or more of the following terms. Write out your essay, using good writing techniques.If you see one of these terms, try to organize your essay to respond to the question or questions indicated.classify: Into what general category/categories does this idea belong? As was said earlier, essay exams are like other essays, so use the same good writing strategies you use for other kinds of writing.On the other hand, you might want to answer first the questions that you are best prepared for. Take a few minutes before writing your essay to read the question carefully in order to determine exactly what you are being asked to do. Then, you can use your list to help you stick to the topic.Most essay exam questions, or "prompts," are carefully worded and contain specific instructions about WHAT you are to write about as well as HOW you should organize your answer. In an exam situation, it's easy to forget points if you don't write them down.In certain ways, the same principles for writing good out-of-class essays apply to writing good in-class essays as well.For example, both kinds of essays are more successful when you take into consideration your purpose, audience and information; when you develop a thesis with support; when you prove your assertions with evidence; when you guide your readers with transitions, etc.


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