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The reasons for Heathcliff’s torment don’t stop there.Quite probably the most important reason is Catherine – or rather, the absence of her.When readers can’t empathize with the antagonist even a little bit, or believe in her motives, or understand why he’s dishing out evil, then they’re apt to put your book aside. Give us an origin story (how he became the way he is), or show that she regrets something and might change if given a chance. Even villains love their mothers or gerbils, volunteer at soup kitchens, or help snow-stuck motorists push their cars out of intersections. Give him or her believable, even laudable, motives.

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Some characters have more depth to us than many real-life people, and one such character is Heathcliff.

Ravaged by the past and bent on avenging everyone who mistreated him (and their loved ones), he is called insane by many.

Strong antagonists play a large role in making a book unforgettable and can galvanize its sales.

As you’re developing your characters, keep in mind these three techniques for humanizing your antagonist.

Heathcliff’s emotions are the strongest a person can attain, and it’s portrayed with utmost clarity.

His love for Catherine shows that there are no limits to how much love a person can have; there might be very severe consequences (in case of Heathcliff, a ruined life), but that doesn’t seem to prevent people from “going overboard”. There aren’t all that many characters that could be one.

Wuthering Heights Wuthering Heights may be perceived to be just another novel, waiting to be read by the average reader, sitting on some remote bookshelf.

This narrow-mindedness will be out of the mind of the reader when he turns past the first page; this novel is anything but conventional.

Other characters can’t be the protagonists since they have so little involvement in the main story.

The only two main characters can be Heathcliff and Catherine.


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