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Indonesia’s population is almost entirely adheres to Islam. The origin of it is clearer than the origins of Christianity and Buddhism, for it almost from the beginning is illuminated by written sources. According to Muslim tradition, the founder of Islam, Muhammad was a prophet of God, an Arab who lived in Mecca, he allegedly received from God a series of “revelations”, written in the holy book the Quran, and gave them to the people.

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Islamic religion plays a significant role in contemporary political life of the global community.

This is one of the most common religions: it has about 900 million adherents, mainly in North Africa, South-West, South and South-East Asia.

The Quran shows absolutely no traces of such literary editorial and finishing, as it is in the Christian Gospel: it is quite raw, unprocessed texts.

It may useful for those who write their research proposals on Islam religion, to use free example research papers on different topics.

The suwar (chapters) fall under two categories, the Meccan in reference to those revealed while the Prophet was in Mecca, and the Medinan in reference to those revealed while he was in Medina.

After the first sura, called al-Fatiha, the rest of the chapters are arranged roughly in decreasing order of length.

A research paper on the Quran and the Bible points out that the major difference between Islam and Christianity lies in their religious texts.

There are many ways you can formulate a research paper that discusses the Quran and/or the Bible.

The paper also explores the etymological origin and the lexical understanding of the term as it occurs in medieval Arabic lexicological dictionaries and classical sources.

This is in order to be able to determine a notion of the formation and evolution of the term.


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