Racial Profiling Toronto Essays

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A Whiteness lens makes it very difficult for the majority to see or understand the experiences of women of colour.

The impacts of Whiteness that define the experiences of women of colour are identified as denigration, deflection, exotification, and guilt.

In chapter 5 Carl James focuses on policies designed to create change in the university and the many impediments to their implementation.

He argues that in so far as the universities are formed by Western European middle class patriarchal ideologies, expectations, and traditions, the norms, values, and principles by which they operate are not raceless, colour-blind, neutral, or fair and objective, despite claims that they are.

Moreover, Frances Henry spent years in the early seventies struggling to get the right to to teach a course on racism and to conduct research on this ‘tabooed’ and ignored topic; Carol Tator has taught a course for more than a decade related to anti-racism, and through it is exposed to the experiences of racialized students.

These experiences have left, and continue to leave, deep impressions on each of us.

Drawing from an extensive body of literature, as well as empirical evidence based on data drawn from our interviews and a survey with Canadian academics across the country, we explore how racism is manifested in the academy.

In this conceptual framework we map how the contours and processes of Whiteness and racialization intersect in the academy and impact upon racialized and Aboriginal faculty, as well as Aboriginal academics and students of colour.

She found that graduate students had the most to say on the subject of racism in the academy and identified the lack of mentoring and lack of support as key barriers.

Racialized students felt that they had to work harder and continually prove themselves to their professors.


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