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When you register for the site you're asked to choose your favorite format for books, however, you're not limited to the format you choose.When you find a book you want to read, you can select the format you prefer to download from a drop down menu of dozens of different file formats.

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Chopin's heroine gradually "awakens" to the fact that she, and most women, are systemically oppressed by society.

So Edna decides to take her life into her own hands, regardless of what her husband or anybody else wants for her.

There's also the Many Books RSS feeds that can keep you up to date on a variety of new content, including: All New Titles By Language.

All of the free books at Many Books are downloadable — some directly from the Many Books site, some from other websites (such as Amazon).

Sure, Joyce's writing style is a little unconventional, but if you can get past the forty page run-on sentences, you might find that This is the first of Frederick Douglass' three autobiographies, and by far his most widely read.

Douglass recounts his harrowing childhood under slavery and his escape to the North, where he became one of America's greatest orators and a national leader of the abolitionist often credited as one of the first modern feminist novels.

A beta test version of the site is available that features a serviceable search capability.

Readers can also find books by browsing genres, popular selections, author, and editor's choice.

One of the best features of this site is that not all of the books listed here are classic or creative commons books.

Many Books is in transition at the time of this writing.


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