Red Oleanders As A Thesis Play

His plays include Evan Inderjit (1962), That Other History (1964) and There Is No End (1971).All these plays are based on political, social, psychological and existential problems.

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Hayavadana, a story of a woman in search of the perfect man, is a powerful play based on a legend in the Kathasaritsagar.

In the play Tale Dande, he discovers the vital relationship between contemporary society and literature.

He started his career as playwright with Abu Hassan (1918).

There are seven verse plays to his credit published under the title of Poems and Plays (1927) and are based on the lives of Indian saints. The Window and The Parrot deal with the lives of the poor.

Javed Siddiqui: A playwright who wrote in Hindi and Urdu, he is known for his play Tumhari Amrita, based on A. Gurney’s classic American play Love Letters, which became critically successful (debut in 1993).

His Saalgirah dealt with the complexity of divorce in modern, urban life.Inspite of comprehensiveness, Currimbhoy’s dramatic art has been a subject of criticism for the lack of struchared plot, embellished language and balanced characterisation in his plays.His language, it is said, is not suitable to capture the internal drama of the clash of motives.Badal Sircar: Badal Sircar is a prestigious name in the realm of contemporary theatre.He represents the New Theatrical Movement in India.Gurcharan Das: Gurcharan Das is a writer of novels, essays and plays and a columnist.He is the author of Three English Plays, an anthology which includes Larins Sahib, a prize winning play about the British in India; Mira, which won critical acclaim from New York critics, ana 9 Jakhoo Hill.Dharmveer Bharati: Dharamveer Bharati’s Andha Yug is a verse play depicting the aftermath of the Mahabharata war: how it affected both the vanquished and the victors.The theme, however, was made to have contemporary relevance for it reflects on the agony and devastation of war and the role of mankind in causing suffering.He borrowed his plots from history, mythology and, old legends but with intricate symbolism, he tried to establish their relevance in contemporary socio­political conditions.A writer of Kannada plays, Karnad made a noteworthy impact with Yayati and more so with Tughlaq.


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