Rejection Letters To Applicants

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In the long-run, it can help attract the best talents in their search.

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If they have previously given you a timeline, and you haven’t been called, place one quick call and politely ask if there’s an update; if not, make sure a follow-up call is acceptable. Think of it as a learning experience for your next job-hunting adventure.

If you’re gracious enough, you can send out a thank-you note to stand head and shoulders above other applicants.

If interviewees somehow got out of hand, they could decide to sue the company — especially if the letter is written in a way that could push applicants to take legal action. As an interviewee, you can always follow up and ask for a timeline regarding the hiring process.

(Remember, you are not asking them to decide as soon as possible.) A follow-up keeps them updated and lets them know that you are still interested in the job.

But you can make such letters for: Rejection letter samples can address several situations like applications and grievances.

Often times, rejecting a request could be quite uncomfortable.

It’s difficult not to have any notification about the status of their application. It won’t do them any favors regarding their decisions on dealing with applicants.

Sometimes in considering applicants, the rejection letter template is the final notice.

The applicant, in turn, would recognize the courtesy the company considered him.

Although sending the letter isn’t a requirement, it’s an act of courtesy. But without the letter, it would leave the rejected applicants in the dark.


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