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Moreover, while CEO activism risks alienating consumers who disagree with the CEO’s public stance, this study finds that Cook’s statements increased consumers’ intent to purchase Apple products, especially among those who agreed with Cook’s statements.

In social media marketing, companies often try to engage consumers with a playful approach.

But play is serious business that can backfire if not done correctly.

John Deighton and Leora Kornfeld discuss three "rules of play." Open for comment; With ecommerce becoming a much bigger part of the economy, a tipping point is fast approaching for many retailers.

For cases of the type you mention I would probably recommend not naming the brands.

The reason for this is that the manufacturer is unlikely to be happy if you say that their equipment is not very good (and they can't all be good or there is nothing to write about).

In this podcast, Elie Ofek discusses the campaign's results.

Open for comment; With calculators targeted to women and laundry products aimed at men, examples of identity-based labeling—or “identity appeals”—abound in advertising and marketing.

If a company has provided some equipment used in this sort of thing you may wish to put them in the acknowledgements. If very few people make an instrument of a certain type saying thanks to company X makes it obvious what it is.

On the other hand knowledgeable readers could probably make an educated guess anyway.


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