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Nominating economist: Angus Deaton, Princeton University, winner of the 2015 Nobel prize in economics Specialization: Economic development and poverty measurement Why?

“Bob Allen’s breakthrough paper shows a way ahead in a long-standing intractable problem of how to construct poverty lines that account for needs as well as prices.

Pallais and her collaborators study the dynamics that underlie discrimination and show that there is somewhat of a self-fulfilling prophecy: Certain managers have negative expectations about how minority employees will perform and in response those workers have worse performance when randomly paired with those managers.

While many authors have noted the potential importance of discrimination, it has been difficult to uncover the mechanisms underlying discriminatory practices, which is a key step in figuring out how to reduce them.”Main finding: Living standards may be growing faster than GDP growth.

To trade, or not to trade Should baseball team owners try to “trade up” to superstar players at the potential expense of the rest of the team, or rather try balance the roster?

The beautiful, dirty, game Does corruption in football have any impact on fans’ loyalty to the game?Here are their picks: Main finding: When women are discussed on the main economics discussion forum, the conversation moves from the professional to the personal.Nominating economist: Susan Athey, Stanford University Specialization: The economics of technology Why?The price of fame Are more famous sportsmen likely to benefit, or suffer, in their performance as they gain more renown? Should countries and cities fight to host the Olympics or the World Cup? The economist’s prescription for hooliganism What solutions would an economist suggest to stop the brawls, bust-ups, and battles that beset so many games?Be the worst you can be When do contestants face incentives to lose their matches, rather than win them?Athlete’s foot Many superstars have insured their body parts critical to their success. Fertile ground What level of supply of amateurs is critical to ensuring the success of professionals? As costs to catch performance-enhancing drugs race upwards, is there any sense in simply legalizing their use?How can personal insurance policies price the value of athlete’s bodies? Brand values How much are the big names worth to marketers?Nominating economist: Raj Chetty, Stanford University Specialization: Public economics and equality of opportunity Why?“The recent work of Harvard’s Amanda Pallais is very interesting, as it addresses various issues underlying racial discrimination and gender gaps that are important from a social perspective but not well understood.This will get the professor’s attention in a good way.You need to make sure there are no errors and that the paper is well written.


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