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I started an internship program at my company, Intern Queen Inc, in 2009.

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Unless your boss sends you a friend request, don’t be Facebook friends.Leaving before your boss doesn’t set a great precedent.Just sit tight, get organized, and work on tomorrow’s to-do list or work pile.Think long and hard about the battles you want to pick and if these battles will be worth it in the long run.Some people start talking back and arguing with their bosses and then they can’t stop. ) Try not to keep secrets (work-related) from your boss. If you are ever in a situation where people are bad-mouthing your boss, let him or her know. You want to have a solid, long-term relationship with your boss.I would wait a good six months before requesting them as a Linked In contact.And just be careful: You would like to avoid a situation where you’re supposed to take work home over the weekend, you forget to do it, and your boss sees photos of you and your friends getting wasted at the Malibu Winery all weekend. Think about what you can do to make your boss look great.If you’re out of tasks to do, read the industry trades–make the most of your time in the office.You don’t want your boss to come out of his or her office and see you on Facebook regardless of whether it’s after 6 p.m.I’m frequently responsible for evaluations, recommendations, writing letters, or making calls on their behalf. Eventually, you will both move on and the relationship will develop accordingly.Do your best and don’t get too hung up on what the relationship will look like five years from now.


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