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While the interpretation of your results can change as other discoveries are made, carefully collected and accurately analyzed data are a permanent record of what you observed (i.e.what you observed does not change in the light of new interpretation).Which do you think is the better example of a properly written results section? This exchange structure allows the teacher to retain the conversational initiative (Stubbs 1983: 29).

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By exploring the fire niche along these axes, our results show that lightning. In the Procedures/Results sections 3rd person passive. Results lab report - put out a little time and money to get the report you could not even dream about Learn everything you have always wanted. Scientific writing is meant to communicate the results of experiments concisely, clearly.

Includes company and career information as well as details of subsidiaries. Results/Discussion: Questions that should be addressed in this section may include: Did the. Previous related studies, have an expanded experimental section detailing the.

Example B is an example from a poorly written results section. (1994) The role of writing checklists in the teaching-learning cycle: Developing English for further study students as writers and text analysts.

It includes material which does not belong to the results section such as interpretation and discussion; it focuses on the Figures representing the results, rather than the results themselves and it does not introduce and refer to the Figures correctly.

Students frequently get confused as to what belongs in the results and what belongs in the discussion.

Part of the confusion stems from the use of the word "interpret" to mean different things in different contexts.There are several sections to a lab report: → Title.You have not written anything for a while (lab reports do not count), and you feel you.The unhydrolysed BSA had very little colour and appeared to remain on the origin (Fig. In its hydrolysed form, however, the BSA sample separated into a number of spots which were bright pink or purple (Fig. Coli colonies but some treatments were more effective on particular strains than others (see Figure 1.) FIGURE 1 E. Coli, it was apparent that all treatments used a deterring effect on the growth of E.The hypotheses have been outlined in the introduction and may have been reiterated at the beginning of the results section. The Results section is the most important section of your report because it is where you make a direct scientific contribution.Your analysis should clearly draw your reader's attention to the most important trends.Many students make the mistake of not spending enough time on data analysis before they jump into writing the results.Coli strain 1 (EC 1) tended to be the most sensitive as it produced no colonies on any of the treated plates (see Figure 1) E.Coli strains 2 and 3 (EC 2 and EC 3) tended to have an intermediate sensitivity to antibiotic treatments.


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