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List each award, granting institution, and the date it was awarded.These can run anywhere from university scholarships to teaching assistantships and fellowships, to inclusion on the Dean’s list for having a stellar GPA. List the title of the submitting, the name of the awarding institution, the dollar amount of the grant, and the date it was awarded.I welcome the opportunity to discuss this position and my qualifications with you further.

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A CV, on the other hand, accentuates your academic accomplishments and is a synopsis of your educational and academic background and related information.

In addition to your college transcripts, GRE scores, and personal statement, graduate schools will often require applicants to include a CV.

This is a list of the institutions you have attended.

Start with your most recent college or university and work backward to high school.

Include the name of the institution, where it is located, the type of degree you received, your major, and the dates you attended.

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While most first-time applicants to grad school likely won’t have any teaching experience under their belts, any experience tutoring or acting as a teacher’s assistant (both as an undergraduate or graduate student) could be placed in this category.

So before you even begin to compose your CV, consider that your readers will have seen hundreds if not thousands of applicant profiles.

Keep these considerations in mind to make your CV stand out: The order of information and level of detail you include about each element of your CV is somewhat flexible and is ultimately up to you.

The rules for composing a CV for a Master’s or doctoral application are slightly different than those for a standard job application. CVs are used to secure all kinds of jobs—in this case, that job is “grad student”!

Even when a graduate program does not explicitly require you to submit a CV, if the school DOES allow you to upload this document, according to many college and university counselors and admissions experts, it is almost always a good decision.


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