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Researchers and theorists have sought to identity factors that affect employee safety behavior.A number of studies have ascertained that by making individuals aware of safety protocol that this decreases a potential for unsafe behavior.Behavior based safety is considered to the application of science of demeanor change within the context of real world issues.

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In other words, people learn what to do by memorizing the directions and then perform the tasks accordingly. Some habits have been considered desirable, while others have not.

Thus when examining habits within the framework of the behavior based safety approach, when workers take risks, they are intentionally choosing to ignore a safety precaution or taking a short cut to perform a task more efficiently.

It can be said that much of what behavior based safety principles foster is an recognition of why people do what they do in the workplace, as well as unearthing ideas to change this psychological knowledge, if needed or deemed necessary.

More than 40 years of research in the science of behavior has proved that change in behavior requires an intrusion on behalf of leadership to lessen work-related risks and prevent injury.

A numbers of studies have exhibited an undeviating and positive relationship between the scientific model of behavior based safety and employee engagement in safety etiquette.

Many studies such as Burling (2002) and Clarke (2012) discovered that a shared vision of both leadership and employees must be in effect in order for the behavior based safety approach to be amenable to any kind of management.

As behavior based safety includes open communication, fruitful propositions and allows employees to speak their mind once a methodical understanding has been presented, this model becomes the backdrop for leadership to adopt because it is both straight-forward and transformational (Conchie).

Behavior based safety falls within the scope of methodical understand rather than conjecture, so management is able to enhance individual thought and motivation through doing what needs to be done irrespective of whether what is executed as a viable model for safety is what feels right.

Safety in the workplace is perhaps the primary concern for any employer worth his salt.

This sample essay explains how safe employees are more productive, less likely to be injured, and can greatly reduce financial liabilities on employers.


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