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In a statement to , a spokesperson for the College Board said that “because essay responses are collected in a secure test administration, individuals and institutions making use of the essay’s scores can have confidence that the work produced is each student’s own.” , Logan Powell, Dean of Admissions at Brown, said, “Given the significant growth in free school-day testing, it’s important to enable students from low-income families to take advantage of the tests already offered by their school districts and not place an undue burden on them to go in separately outside of normal school hours.”Princeton is taking a different approach.In lieu of SAT or ACT essay scores, students must submit a graded, academic paper with their application.

All eight Ivies and Stanford participate in both the Common and Coalition Apps, so these platforms are an easy way for students to collect and store written work for submission.The Common App, which allows students to apply to multiple colleges easily, features , one of which asks students to “[s]hare an essay on any topic of [their] choice.It can be one [they’ve] already written, one that responds to a different prompt, or one of [their] own design.” Schools that use the Common App may allow students to choose that prompt for their writing sample.recommending that students submit a graded piece of writing, just like the one required by Princeton.This emphasis on graded work isn’t unique to either school, though.For students who struggle with timed writing, this is good news.It’s difficult to produce a thorough, artful, and grammatically correct argument in 40-50 minutes, particularly after a difficult 3-hour test.The goal of the essay, in both cases, is to measure a student’s ability to produce well-written arguments.The ability to write well is crucial to college success, and as many students get help with college admissions essays, the SAT and ACT essay may be the only chance an admissions officer gets to see the student’s raw writing ability.Caltech did not give specific reasons for this decision, apart from reassuring prospective students that “[a]ll students will be given [their] full consideration through Caltech’s holistic review method.” the University of Michigan – another staunch supporter of the SAT and ACT essays – is also considering dropping the requirement.The biggest holdouts are the schools in the University of California system, including Berkeley and UCLA.


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