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If you have a lot of life experience, this becomes even more helpful.

Your observations can be an appeal to either Examples help illustrate ideas in meaningful ways.

Make sure that the thesis is clear and that all the evidence and support you write after it goes together.

ETS, the maker of the GRE, doesn’t require any particular standard pattern of organization for writing your response.

Don’t worry about being too obvious or even leading off with your thesis.

You can, in fact score a 6, the highest score, if you state your point of view in the first sentence.Feel free to use them many times throughout your writing as they add substantive support to your claims.This method is most effective as an appeal to While tone and person are not explicitly listed in scoring rubrics, it’s still smart to be mindful of how your present yourself.Be mindful if the information you’re including is an appeal to the reader’s We all have unique and valuable perspectives.Sharing your personal observations is a simple way to add more to your writing while lending more support to your argument.But, this doesn’t give you permission to have no organization.Organizing your writing will help the reader understand your writing and help you write quicker and with more clarity.Facts are an appeal to the reader’s Appealing to someone with authority on the topic you’re writing about can help develop your piece further.While it isn’t necessary to remember a quote exactly, if you can accurately paraphrase the general idea and position of an authority figure on the topic, this is a engaging option.If you’re writing a body paragraph, it isn’t necessary to have a final summary or clincher statement.In general, what you need is to be able to transition to your next point at the end of each body paragraph.


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