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The sacrificial formulae used by the priests during their recitations, together with descriptions of their ritual practices, were incorporated into collections to which the general name 'Yajur-veda' was given.Later still, a body of popular spells was combined with passages from the Rigveda, again with variant readings, and was given the name 'Atharva-veda'.(We have intentionally avoided the use of the traditional word "Vedic" to describe the language of these poems for reasons which are described below; see Karen Thomson's other publications for the detailed arguments.)The earliest surviving anthology of poems in any of the Indo-European languages is in Ancient Sanskrit.

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The number of the cases of exceptions has been determined and accounted for as far as possible.

It has been shown, wherever it is so, how a particular order was mostly used in one period and how a different order was favoured in another till gradually it became more or less fixed.

The relationship that the poets describe with their environment is a sophisticated one.

Their hymns serve as talismans, ensuring that the natural world will continue to provide welfare and shelter for man.

To quantify the differences in reading Hindi and Urdu loanwords in Devanagari (Hindi script) sentences we use an eye tracking methodology, which is used to measure eye movements of a participant during reading.

We discover very distinctive eye behavior during reading of Urdu loanwords in comparison to reading Hindi Sanskrit-based words.Faithfully preserved through the centuries as a sacred mystery, the text has come down to us in a state of considerable accuracy.Over time a body of dependent and scholastic material grew up around the poems, known loosely as 'the Veda'.We place fifteen word pairs consisting of one target Hindi Sanskrit-based word and its Urdu loanword equivalent in different sentences.Native Hindi speakers participate to read Hindi sentences containing either Urdu loanwords or the Sanskrit root word in Hindi.Believed to be of divine origin, this large body of material, in an archaic and unfamiliar language, was handed down orally, from generation to generation, by priests in ancient India.The highly metrical form of the poems, together with their incomprehensibility, made them ideally suited to ritual recitation by a religious elite.In each of the subsequent chapters the position of a particular syntactica element is traced in all the texts selected till a considerable number has been collected.The general tendency of the position of the particular element in each of the works has been established by figures showing the frequency of its occurrence in that position.Other collections came into being, based on this sacred material, and they were given parallel names.The editors of the '' arranged the poems differently, for the purpose of chanting, and introduced numerous alternative readings to the text.


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