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In The Scarlet Letter, as in some of his other stories, Hawthorne seems obsessed with the effect of sin on the sinners themselves.His earliest ancestor was William Hawthorne who arrived in Massachusetts in 1630.International Faith and Learning Seminar held at Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan, U. The Christian teacher of literature has a responsibility to mold the characters of the students in the class in preparation for life here on earth, and more importantly, for the world to come.

The minister dies after he confesses, and the woman is left to her solitude.

(240-41) Before we consider the moral value of the work, it is worthwhile to look at the literary worth of this masterpiece of beauty and power.

Accordingly, the teacher should use every opportunity to emphasize moral and ethical values in stories, poems, novels and other kinds of literary works.

When students are led to discover values, or gain insight into human nature and suffering and man's search for truth, they will be empowered to develop a value system based on sound Christian principles.

And Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary defines ethics as "the system or theory of moral values," and moral as "of or relating to principles of right and wrong." The purpose of Christian education is to restore in man the image of God, so the study of literature in a Christian context must seek to help students form characters with solid Christian principles.

A study of ethical and moral issues in any literary work should consider the biblical basis of thought and conduct.

Anthony Trollope's telling summary will serve to introduce the reader to the plot of the narrative. and is brought upon the stage that she may be punished by a public stigma.

A woman [Hester Prynne] has been taken in adultery, . She was beautiful and young, and had been married to an old husband who had wandered away from her for a time.

Hawthorne speaks of him as a soldier, legislator, judge and church leader who possessed all the Puritanical traits, both good and evil.

He bitterly persecuted the Quakers and whipped them openly in the streets.


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