School Based Management Thesis/Dissertation

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Stone PDF Early Identification Of Students In Accelerated Curricula With Signs Of Academic And Emotional Risk: Working With Teachers To Identify At-Risk Students, Elizabeth D.

Storey PDF Classroom Support and Students’ Subjective Well-Being: A Mixed-Methods Investigation, Emily J.

Moseley PDF Teacher Perceptions of Students with Conduct Problems With and Without Callous Unemotional Traits, Casie L.

Peet PDF Adolescents’ Perceptions of Parenting Practices and their Influence on Success, Academic Motivation, and School Belonging, David Rubio Jr.

Garofano PDF Promoting Happiness in Elementary Schoolchildren: Evaluation of a Multitarget, Multicomponent Classwide Positive Psychology Intervention, Brittany Valle Hearon PDF Students with Disabilities at Risk: Predictors of On-Time Graduation, Kelli S.

Henson PDF Predictors of Behavior Problems in the Context of Peer Play Interactions: A Sample of Low-Income Latino Preschoolers, Olivia Hernandez Gonzalez PDF Parent Perceptions of Treatment Effectiveness and Attendance Rates in a Behavioral Parent Training Program: Do They Predict Treatment Outcomes for Children? Hofmann Leedy PDF Robustness of the Within- and Between-Series Estimators to Non-Normal Multiple-Baseline Studies: A Monte Carlo Study, Seang-Hwane Joo PDF Extending the Model with Internal Restrictions on Item Difficulty (MIRID) to Study Differential Item Functioning, Yong "Isaac" Li PDF Health Literacy, Depression, Anxiety, and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder as Predictors of Biological Markers of Immune Functioning in Youth and Young Adults with HIV, Courtney A.

Lynn PDF The Common Core State Standards and the Elementary Social Studies Curriculum: A Case Study of Teacher Perceptions in Florida, Kacie M.

Nadeau PDF The performance of Multilevel Structural Equation Modeling (MSEM) in comparison to Multilevel Modeling (MLM) in multilevel mediation analysis with non-normal data, Thanh Vinh Pham PDF Exploring the Facilitators and Barriers of Cognitive Engagement among Ninth Grade Students in Accelerated Curricula, Kai Zhuang Shum PDF Partial Mediation and Moderation Effects of Class Peer Norms on the Relations of Teacher Support with Student Aggression and Academic Engagement during Early Adolescence, Huanhuan Wang PDF Adaptive Styles and Coping Strategies of Youth Diagnosed with Cancer: Relationship to Well-Being, Psychosocial and Educational Adjustment, and Parents’ Adaptive Styles, Renee Corbett PDF Examinees' Perceptions of the Physical Aspects of the Testing Environment During the National Physical Therapy Examination, Ellen Kroog Donald PDF A Comparison of Educational "Value-Added" Methodologies for Classifying Teacher Effectiveness: Value Tables vs. Dwyer PDF The Relationship between Adolescents' Life Satisfaction and Academic Achievement: A Longitudinal Analysis, Emily E.

Dickinson PDF Sleep Disorders in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Pilot Study of an Assessment of Pediatric Providers' Practices and Perceptions, Kristin Lynn Edwards PDF A Longitudinal Analysis of the Effect of the Starting Right, Now Program on Unaccompanied Homeless Adolescents' Well-Being, Emily E.

Esposito PDF Case Study of a Collaborative Approach to Evaluation Within a School District Central Office, Oriana Eversole PDF Application of the Fusion Model for Cognitive Diagnostic Assessment with Non-diagnostic Algebra-Geometry Readiness Test Data, Robert H.


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