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Full text coverage begins with 1997 but indexing includes scholarship dating back to 1861.

So A Design Theses: The School of Architecture maintains an archive of student theses from 1930s through the present.

Instructions for collecting, reviewing and approving senior theses for the University Archives are available in the upper-right of this page, under "Downloadable documents." The Thesis Central web address is https://thesis-central.

The site will be open to submissions beginning on March 18, 2019.

Always feel free to contact me via email to set up a research appointment. Start by keeping track of EVERYTHING you read, consult, annotate, etc., because this gives you a headstart on creating your bibliography, footnotes, and/or endnotes.

It is nearly impossible to retrace your research steps effectively at the end of the process, so do yourself a favor by keeping track from the start.Prizes are awarded on Class Day and include the following monetary awards: First Prize: 0, Second Prize: 0, Third Prize: . Join us for a workshop on Sharing Your Thesis with Activists and Practitioners on Tuesday, April 30, -pm, at the Writing Program offices in New South.Pro CES invites students who have completed independent work on a community-engaged topic to submit their thesis for consideration. Pro CES and the Writing Program co-sponsor this event to help students share their work with communities and to prepare for the Dobin Prize application. Also keep in mind that the Engineering Library has an entire collection devoted to architectural and structural engineering.About Indexes and Databases: Princeton subscribes to thousands of article indexes and research databases that you can use to identify both primary sources and secondary literature on your topic.Meet with the architecture librarian: I can help you to identify materials in the Libraries' collections that can support your topic, identify collections or archives beyond Princeton that you should plan to visit, and generally assist in planning and strategizing your research for the academic year.Princeton Specific Dissertations & Theses: Covers scholarship from most U. To search PU Dissertations, follow this link to a subset of the Proquest Dissertations.Marquand's Architecture Reading Room: Located on the A-Floor of Marquand Library, this room is reserved for School of Architecture students.Seniors may register for a hold shelf in this room where they can charge Marquand materials for the duration of the academic term.To browse all indexes and databases supporting some facet of architecture and architecture history, see this page.So A Library Student Carrels: UES no longer offers study carrels to So A Seniors or M. Carrels are available for daily use, but please note that all materials left on the carrels will be reshelved at the end of each day.


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