Second Grade Reading Homework

Second Grade Reading Homework-81
It is important to have this sheet out, called the "Problem Set" to help with the math homework, as the homework page mimics what we did in class that day.

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Animals of the Night | Non-fiction Do you know that not all animals are day-active?

This intriguing article provides kids the basic knowledge of night-active animals.

Test comprehension with a variety of questions that follow.

The Tale of My Talented Tail | Poem What would you do, if you woke up to a tail in your back?

This will ensure students retain 2nd grade skills needed to be successful in the classroom and on Galileo/District assessments.

They will complete one page a night and will return the entire set on Friday to be checked for completion and success rate.Before your child turns in their work, please review your child’s work for accuracy.Students are responsible for taking home assignment daily and returning them the next day with their best effort given. They are to make sure assignments are done in pencil and completed neatly.The Liberty Bell | Non-fiction The Liberty Bell symbolizes American freedom.The informational passage prepared for grade 2, walks your child through varied question formats like MCQs, questions using 'what' and 'where' and much more.I have prepared this outline to describe the policies and expectations I have regarding homework.The purpose of homework is to reinforce or extend concepts learned in class.I will let parents know through email when this occurs. We will also have review days before testing assessment days.The only day they will not receive Math homework is on test days.Your supervision will improve the quality of your child’s work.Please provide a time and place for your child to do his/her homework and try to keep this schedule as consistent as possible.


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