Short Essay On Money Can'T Buy Happiness

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The researchers, led by Ashley Whillans, a new professor at the Harvard Business School, began with survey data from nearly 4,500 people from the United States, Canada, Denmark and the Netherlands.Survey-takers were asked whether they paid other people to do “unenjoyable daily tasks” in order to “increase their free time.” In 28% of cases, the answer was yes.

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As expected, the volunteers reported less time-related stress in the week when they made a time-saving purchase than in the week when they bought a material good.Whillans and her colleagues found that the people who traded money for time were more satisfied with life than their counterparts who didn’t.They also were less likely to say they felt “time stress,” a condition that was linked with lower levels of life satisfaction.While the 2010 study found that three different measures of positive emotion (or lack of negative emotion) saw rapid improvement that slowed to nothing around ,000, it also looked at a fourth metric that continued to rise far after that point.That metric was "life evaluation" — a scale that asks the respondent to rate his or her life from 0, "the worst possible life for you," to 10, "the best possible life for you." It can be thought of as a measurement of how a person judges the success of their own life, rather than the feelings they experience while living it.That study analyzed data from the Gallup Organization in the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index (GHWBI).It's a lower number because researchers in that case used a single person's income rather than the family income used by Clingingsmith.A substantial body of economic research says otherwise: Statistically speaking, household income is strongly related to both emotional well-being and a person's evaluation of their own quality of life.Will getting a raise this season make you less nervous, stressed or sad?And as before, the people who didn’t employ this strategy were generally less satisfied with life because their lack of free time was stressing them out.These findings held up even after the researchers took into account the amount of money survey-takers spent on groceries — a variable used as a proxy for discretionary income.“People across the income spectrum benefited from buying time,” the researchers wrote.


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