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However, I doubt there are very many (if any) short mediocre dissertations - in case of mediocrity lack of content must always be compensated by size.Systems research is easy to criticize, but much harder to do right.

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Continuing the trend, Tulsi completed a doctoral degree at 21 from the physics department, IISc.

He has also applied for the `youngest doctorate (Ph D) of India' and `shortest Ph D thesis' in the Limca Book of Records. Then he submitted his thesis on `Generalizations of the quantum search algorithm', which is just 33 pages long."Despite the short length, the thesis is innovative enough to qualify as a Ph D work.

There is a great danger of overlooking substantial flaws in brief descriptions.

So, yes, mediocrity can lead to inflated sections, but a good Ph D committee will not led that slide.

I could develop it to some degree with a lot of work, but I could never do first rate complexity research - that stuff requires real talent.

Shortest Physics Dissertation

I suppose it's common for people to slightly look down on what they do because they've experienced the mess first hand - the magic is always more spectacular on the other side of the fence :)Saying you don't have a "talent" for something is another way of saying you don't enjoy doing it.In your page cache example, I would absolutely expect to see significant experiments and analysis; I would probably not be convinced by just a few selected benchmarks.Presenting benchmarks well requires many more pages than a succinct proof might.Thus, in many cases evaluating different interesting workloads empirically is unavoidable.In such cases, 100 pages of setup, methodology, and analysis are a feature, and not necessarily a sign of mediocrity.For starters, systems research deals with the real world. How would you comprehensively represent every interesting workload in an analytical model?How would you derive it from real world applications?The thesis is based on his seven research publications in international scientific journals.Tulsi, who's from Patna, completed a BSc in Physics when he was 10 years old.Perhaps, bagging the record for being the youngest Ph D holder with the shortest thesis will be as easy for him.I read that John Nash had a very short Ph D Dissertation. See this link: there other famous people with such short Ph D theses? Please edit the question to limit it to a specific problem with enough detail to identify an adequate answer. See the How to Ask page for help clarifying this question.


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