Snail Farming Business Plan

The great advantage about their feeding is that they are hardly selective, the will eat anything plant-based such as lettuce leaves, cassava leaves, cassava tubers, pawpaw leaves, okra leaves, kola leaves, cucumber, banana, cocoyam, potatoes, etc.Household feed wastes are also recommended such as leftover rice, beans, yams, etc.

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HOUSING SYSTEMS: Just as in any other branch of livestock farming, there are several housing systems that the farmer can choose from to house his snails, depending on what kind of farming the farmer wants to indulge in and how much capital the farmer has.

Broadly, there are three kinds of housing systems: It highly recommended for small/medium scale farmers to use old tires, drums or tanks to house their snails.

Join me on a journey of the basic requirements in starting your snail farm on a small/medium scale: CAPITAL: Unlike most agribusinesses, snail farming is not capital intensive, as a matter of fact, it is one of the cheapest agribusinesses to venture into. Yes, you are thinking what I am thinking, it is just perfect for a young graduate looking for a way to make income.

The money needed is basically proportional to how large you desire the farm to be.

This means they can be raised in a residential area, the backyard of the farmer, or any other place the farmer finds conducive for him.

Even though the farm can be sited anywhere, some guidelines still need to be followed in siting the farm, some of them include: All these must be considered as they are paramount to the survival of the snail and the thriving of the farm.Understanding snail farming and taking proper steps will make the farmer so much income because there is a ready market of snail consumers.One of the major advantages of snail farming is that it does not require much capital, meaning it is just perfect for the present economy of the nation.It is also important to note that the floor of the pen should be loose, natural soil and not cement.FEEDING YOUR SNAILS: Of note is that snails are vegetarians, meaning they feed basically on plants.Predominantly in Africa, snails were handpicked in the bush usually in the night time but as human population increased and forests were turned into cities, the demand of snails fast outgrew the supply.This has created a need for commercial rearing of snails.Please note however that this is just a guide and you will require an in-depth feasibility study and proper business plan, just like any business venture, to succeed.Moreso, you will need to visit an experienced farmer to understand practical methods on how to raise your snails, as there are some practical issues that write ups will most likely never cover.Even though the labour market has been negatively influenced by world crisis, there still remain a variety of profitable and booming investment opportunities.On account of its extensive experience and academic knowledge, Touchstone Snails cater to and offer their services to those interested in investing in the snail farming business.


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