Sociology Deviance Crime Essay

Sociology Deviance Crime Essay-67
This theory asserts that stratification leads to capitalism, and class polarization and eventually the development of a revolutionary working class.

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Theses theories explain why poverty and social seclusion persists.

Deviance is any behavior that violates cultural norms.

The biological theory contrasts this assumption by asserting that deviant behavior is caused by biological instincts rather than external environmental forces.

In Clinard and Meier’s point of view, the biological theory, assumes that criminals typically posses certain distinctive body types or physical traits (79).

Norms are social expectations that guide human behavior.

Sociology Deviance Crime Essay

Deviance is often divided into two types of deviant activities.The biological and physical explanation of deviance distinguishes deviant behavior as being caused by forces beyond the control or even the awareness of the individual perceived as deviant.In Clinard and Meier’s example, the biologists argue that genetic predispositions often create inborn tendencies to commit deviant acts in individuals.Sociological theories and the Biological and Physical Explanation of Deviance Deviance ha been defined as any behavior that violates the socially acceptable norms and rules, and is often of sufficient severity to necessitate disapproval from the society.According to Clinard and Meier (75), deviance is a wide-ranging concept and many characteristics are employed by different members of the social order in identifying it.The Biological and physical explanations of deviance include; biological positivism, phrenology, mental disorders, atavism, somatotyping, heredity, and genetics among others.According to Clinard and Meier (75), the differences between these two approaches to deviance are seen in the way they explain the different forms of deviance.The sociological theories perceive deviance as being learnt from the environment.For example, a person can learn criminal behavior just like other behaviors by interacting with other criminals in intimate groups within the environment.Clinard and Meier (93) asserts that the hierarchy that stratification creates allows complex industrial society to function.Marxism theory of stratification on the other hand perceives stratification to be a class conflict, in which case two different classes that have diametrically opposed interests exists.


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