Sociology Final Exam Essay Questions

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Tip: Notice how every question requires knowledge and understanding? Interpretation and Application: the way you manage to interpret an idea successfully and how you apply sociological evidence to support ideas.

With the title provided: ·Analyse the question by underlining the key features in the essay title ·Double underline the skills being assessed, e.g., describe and explain ·Identify any terms or concepts contained in the question. Knowledge and Understanding: includes names of researchers, studies, concepts, description of studies.

There are ways in which you can build up an argument or critique a point in a way that show the marker which skill you are using. An alternative theory to...developed by....stated that..... You need to be convinced and you need to justify your decision.

The following points may help you develop ideas and link them together to either support or criticise a case... Far better to state why you cannot arrive at a decision - this could show that you really have evaluated the material. P It does depend upon the title and on the approach you have adopted.

Many students are too quick into diving into an answer.

Essays usually refer to 25 mark essays at A1 and 16 mark essays at A2). You should also practice writing essays regularly and develop a technique which addresses the skills required so that you can actually answer the question set.You should also include the strengths and weaknesses of an ideas or application of theories and ideas. Spider diagrams (diagram of the points) this involves organizing the points in a diagram - points are put together if they relevant.Introductions are an important element of a successful essay. -provide the overall structure for the essay -Should help you address the question asked. Once a paragraph has been introduced, the following points may help you structure the paragraph. In addition, a brief mention of further examples could be included to broaden the scope of the main point.In terms of girls outperforming boys, one possible explanation for this is the change in women’s role in society at large.Sue Sharpe conducted a study in 1994 which concluded that girls today had very different priorities from their mothers and grandmothers. Timings are crucial: 3 Minutes for reading and planning. Analysis and Evaluation (A03) 25 Mark question at A1 consists of 6 marks for A01, 8 marks for A02 and 11 marks for A03. “As the item suggests…."" As indiciated by the item...". Leave a space between answers, so if you have time you can go back to add additional information.Instead of prioritising marriage and family, they prioritised careers and financial independence.This can be seen in the context of legislative changes in the 1970s (such as the Equal Pay Act and the Sex Discrimination Act) and the successes of the feminist movement in making society more equal in terms of gender.Then click 'Next Question' to answer the next question.When you have completed the free practice test, click 'View Results' to see your results.


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