Solve Multiplication Problems

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Number of groups of ponies = 3Number of ponies in each group = 2Therefore, total number ponies = 3 × 2 = 62. How many dollars Alex must have paid for 5 coloring-pens?

Number of groups of toy kittens Andy had = 2Number of kittens in each group = 5Therefore, total number of kittens in the basket = 2 × 5 = 104.

If you remember your multiplication tables up to 12, you'll remember that 12 times 6 is 72. Even if you only remember-- well, I'll just leave it there.

The witch Malitch made 10 bottles of potion to take to the annual Witches of the World convention.

Long multiplication is a method used to solve multiplication problems with large numbers.

One thing that can really help you in long multiplication is if you know the multiplication table by heart.Two-step word problems can be difficult to solve as the student needs to work out what should be solved first and then determining and solving both steps.Most two-step word problems that involve multiplication have a multiplication step and an addition or subtraction step.It’s this part: She has 35 candies and 7 lollipops.So she has 35 – 7 = 28 more candies than lollipops.This will speed up your work and make it more accurate. We multiply 2x469 and write it down under the line.The first step in long multiplication is to write down the numbers on top of each other. Don't worry about the decimal points when lining up the numbers; just write them down and line up the right-most number. We'll use the numbers from the first example above: 469 x 32. Now we need to multiply by the next number to the left of the 2. Because the 3 is in the tens place we need to hold the tens place by placing a zero in the 1's place before we start multiplying.Problem solving on multiplication will help us to get the idea on how to solve the basic multiplication statement problems.1. Cost of a coloring-pen = Number of coloring-pens = 5Therefore, cost of 5 coloring-pens = × 5 = 3. Here are some examples of multiplication word problems that can be solved in one step.We will illustrate how block models (tape diagrams) are used in the Singapore math approach to help you to visualize the multiplication word problems in terms of the information given and the answer that needs to be found.


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