Solving Quadratic Equations By Completing The Square Practice Problems

Solving Quadratic Equations By Completing The Square Practice Problems-89
Our app works best with the latest versions of the browsers listed below If you're using an outdated or unsupported browser, some features may not work properly.Microsoft no longer supports Internet Explorer (IE) so it isn't included in the list below.Completing the square comes from considering the special formulas that we met in Square of a sum and square of a difference earlier: is `1`).

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It also shows how the Quadratic Formula can be derived from this process.

If you need further instruction or practice on this topic, please read the lesson at the above hyperlink.

By the way, unless you're told that you to use completing the square, you will probably never use this method in actual practice when solving quadratic equations.

Either some other method (such as factoring) will be obvious and quicker, or else the Quadratic Formula (reviewed next) will be easier to use.

) how the answer will be written, especially if the instructions for the exercise included the stipulation to "simplify" the final answer: Elsewhere, I have a lesson just on solving quadratic equations by completing the square.

That lesson (re-)explains the steps and gives (more) examples of this process.

Rearrange: `ax^2 bx=-c` Divide throughout by `a`: `x^2 b/a x =-c/a` Write as a perfect square: `x^2 b/a x (b/(2a))^2=-c/a (b/(2a))^2` `(x b/(2a))^2=(-4ac b^2)/(4a^2)` Solve: `x b/(2a)= -sqrt(-4ac b^2)/(2a)` `x=-b/(2a) -sqrt(b^2-4ac)/(2a)` `x=(-b -sqrt(b^2-4ac))/(2a)` We'll use this result a great deal throughout the rest of the math we study.

Now, let us look at a useful application: solving Quadratic Equations ...

`s^2 5/2s=3/2` Take `1/2` of `5/2`, square it and add to both sides.

`s^2 5/2s (5/4)^2=3/2 (5/4)^2` Write the left side as a perfect square.


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