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[tags: Media Television] - "It seems today, that all we see is violence in movies, and sex on TV.

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[tags: political, humor, south park] - The brilliant yet controversial creators of South Park conceived a germane satire about the American recession and consumerism.

The episode “Margaretville” tells of the recession stricken South Park and the reaction that follows draws many parallels to the situation with the modern American economy.

[tags: TV Review] - “We need to get all these minorities out of our waterpark,” stated Eric Cartman, one of the four main child characters from the animated television show South Park (“Pee”).

Racist attitudes, like the one stated by Cartman, can be seen in today’s society and seem to have always been an issue since colonial times.

The video was called "The spirit of Christmas" and showed an imaginary fight between Santa Claus and Jesus Christ.

The video circulated around and soon the cable channel Comedy Central offered them a weekly series....

In the South Park episode “Pee,” the creators uphold racial stereotypes that imply minorities are not assimilable, cause overcrowding, are lazy, violent, uneducated and taking over jobs, this can be through the interactions and thoughts of Eric Cartman....

[tags: Television Review] - Dick Cavett, a famous American talk show host, once said, “Censorship feeds the dirty mind more than the four-letter word itself.” Censorship limits free speech, and it is used constantly today.

This show, along with others of its nature such as Family Guy, The Simpsons, and King of the Hill are all extremely controversial in nature and in regards to the situations portrayed on the television screen....

[tags: Censorship Argumentative Adult Content Essays] - The culture industry: Manufactured Emotions and Democracy In the past section, I demonstrated how emotions play a significant role in viewing political satire by presenting a basic outline of the theory of emotion.


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