Special Education Research Paper Topics

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The writer offers ideas for improving the support component that have been cited in the literature and suggests there are an infinite number of actions that can be taken to prevent teacher burnout. Riddled with apathy, instructors are feeling abandoned by the system that is supposed to support them, creating attitudes of resentment and indifference.

The writer addresses various entities of teacher burnout, as well as offers suggestions on how to curb it altogether. : A 6 page paper offering a research proposal for investigating the issue of supportive relationships and first year teacher success, specifically what kinds of support the novice teacher needs.

: An 11 pager paper on teaching writing at the primary level.

The writer describes new research outlining the most effective teaching methods as well as the National Standards for English Language Arts. Study includes a research background relating to phonics/direct skills instruction vs. Offers a lesson plan using the long and short "o" sounds as an example of integrating the two approaches to reading instruction. : Three 2-page lesson plans for teaching 6th grade art students.

The implementation of learning centers, freedom to experiment, sentence collecting, and reading workshops are among the many techniques presented for transforming language arts teachers into highly effective instructors. : A short 4 page review of literature discussing ways for teachers to increase early childhood literacy.

Included in the discussion are such techniques as : read-alouds, teaching Braille and sign language to all students, and more.

The writer goes into great detail concerning the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of various teaching methods.

Approximately 20 sources are listed in bibliography.

In an argument against any ideological foundation for the canon, the writer proves that the canon only has aesthetic meaning for academicians. Most recently, inclusive, multi-age classrooms and non-graded schools embody the philosophy that all children can learn--at their own pace and in their own way, with the help and example of peers of all ages. : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of the major points of Warren Bennis' book, On Becoming a Leader, and considers their application for teaching as a form of leadership. : A 6 page research paper that discusses the causes of burnout, including organizational structure and student behavior.

Studies have consistently identified discipline problems, overwhelming paperwork and lack of supportive environments as causes of the stress leading to burnout. Among other equally important reasons, teacher burnout is a major component in the downfall of the American educational system.


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